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2011-2013 Catalog-EXPIRED 

Photography, A.A.

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(Code 927)

Suggested GRCC Program:

Associate in Arts (MACRAO Agreement) with Major in Photography

Every artist and designer must be, to some extent, a viewer, creator, communicator, theorist, and historian. For this reason, certain subject matter areas and learning processes are common to all art/design/photography majors. Undergraduate studies in art/design should prepare students to function in a variety of artistic roles.

Photography Major:

Minimum 15 credits to maximum 24 credits in photography and art required.

Art History:

Minimum of 3 credits (6 credits are recommended) (concurrently completes 3 credits of MACRAO Humanities requirements). Choose from:

General Education Studies (MACRAO):

Minimum 28 credits required.

  • 1 credits Wellness (WE)
  • 6 credits English Composition (EN 100  or EN 101  and EN 102 )
  • 8 credits Humanities (Group I Distribution):
    • 3 credits PO 105  major requirement
  • 8 credits Social Science (Group II Distribution):
    • 3 credits completed by PS 110  (required)
  • 8 credits Science-Mathematics (Group III Distribution); one course must be a lab

Open Electives:

Minimum of 7 to maximum of 16 credits outside the visual arts unit.

Total Credits: 62

Suggested Sequence:

The following sequence of classes is presented as a guide only. It is recommended that students take courses in this order.

First Year

Second Year

Third Semester

Total Credits: 15

Fourth Semester

  • PO — Elective (3/6)
  • PO — Elective (3/6)
  • — — Electives (6)
  • — — Humanities Elective (3)
Total Credits: 15

Total Credits: 62

* Suggested Electives: AT 105 , AT 106 ; PY 201 , PY 233 , PY 251 , PY 281 


  1. Other courses not listed under the groups above may be used for electives. Consult with the GRCC Counseling and Career Center or the Visual Arts Department Head for appropriate selection.
  2. All students should contact the institution to which they are planning to transfer and request their catalog. It is the student’s responsibility to check their program of study at GRCC against the program of the school to which they will apply for transfer.
  3. If a student enrolls as a transfer from another institution with advanced credit status, programming should be completed with the help of a departmental advisor.

Transfer Opportunities:

The Transfer Guide for many bachelor’s degree majors offered at Michigan colleges and universities is available at the Counseling and Career Center and online at www.grcc.edu.

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