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Construction Trades—Apprenticeship Training

Contact: Construction Trades

(616) 234-3009

General Information

The GRCC/Leslie E. Tassell M-TEC Construction Trades program is a non-credit construction training program for men and women who want to begin or advance their careers in the construction industry and for contractors who want to train their existing employees. Most of the Construction Trades programs are accredited through the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER), using a nationally recognized competency-based curriculum taught by certified craft instructors.

Courses are offered using traditional classroom instructional technique. Students are expected to have access to a computer and to know fundamental computer usage including e-mail, Internet, and Microsoft Word.

Students who have finished the Electrical program of study can apply to have their Certificate of Completion articulated into college credit through Ferris State University if they intend to seek an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. The Electrical program can be used by employers to meet the requirements for Related Technical Instruction for registered apprenticeship through the Office of Apprenticeship, U.S. Department of Labor.

Please go to the Web site for more information at

Enrollment Information


A first-time student at GRCC needs to complete a Construction Trades Application form and the NCCER Release of Information form (both available on the Web site) and fax them to the Construction Trades Department at (616) 234-3824. The student will then be issued a Student ID number that can be used to register for future courses at GRCC.

Tuition and Schedule

Please see Web site for current tuition rates and schedule of classes at

Payment Procedures

A payment procedure for each course is listed in the Construction Trades Enrollment Information on the website. Students are encouraged to pay for courses at the time of registration to avoid being dropped from the course or having the course cancelled due to low enrollment. All tuition must be paid by the tuition due date, or the student will be dropped. Once dropped, a student can re-register for a course if it is available, but payment must then be made at the time of registration.

Refund Policy

All refunds of tuition and fees will be based on a student’s initiating the drop of a class(es) by calling the Construction Trades Department at (616) 234-3009. The percentage of tuition refunded to students who drop classes will be calculated for each class based on (1) the number of calendar days (including weekends) between the class start date and end date (regardless of the number of days the class has met and/or the student has attended) and (2) the date the drop is initiated by the student. Exceptions shall be made when the College cancels a class.

  Withdraw on or before start date of class 100% Refund
  Withdraw before 5% of calendar days 75% Refund
  Withdraw before 10% of calendar days 50% Refund

Academic Policies

Achievement Scale

The National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) competency-based curriculum requires students to pass each module Written Test with a minimum score of 70%. Most modules also have a Performance Test that is scored as Pass/Fail. Students scoring below the minimum of 70% on Written Tests and/or receiving a Fail on a Performance Test will be retested on that module.

Achievement Scale (Grade)/Description

  S90 Satisfactory, student has mastered a minimum of 90% of the course objectives
  S80 Satisfactory, student has mastered a minimum of 80% of the course objectives
  S70 Satisfactory, student has mastered a minimum of 70% of the course objectives
  U Unsatisfactory, student has not mastered a minimum of 70% of the course objectives
  W Withdrew from the course

Note: Students who repeatedly score below the 70% level on Written and Performance Tests will be evaluated for tutoring services or remedial courses before continuation in the program.


Traditional courses are typically based on a 15-week/60-hour schedule. Attendance in Construction Trades is essential to success and indicated dependability to employers. Employers, in conjunction with the Office of Apprenticeship and GRCC advisory committees, have determined that a student can have no more than two absences in one course. On the third absence, the student will be dropped from the course unless the student has made prior arrangements with the instructor to make up the time and/or work.

Classroom/Lab Requirements

Construction Trades students must adhere to all classroom/lab rules of conduct and safety requirements. Students should dress according to the standards set by employers for the trade they are training in.

In areas such as shops and laboratories where there may be potential for accidental injury, students will be required to wear safety glasses and/or other protective clothing. The instructor will clarify these requirements.


  • Electrical
  • Management
  • Plumbing
  • Sheet Metal
  • Sprinkler Fitting