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2011-2013 Catalog-EXPIRED 

Independent Study & Project Seminars

Independent Study

Reading or Independent Study Courses are offered in most disciplines. These courses are numbered 298 and 299 in the disciplines in which they are offered. No more than two semester hours will be given for the 298, 299 sequence.

Before registering for the Independent Study, the student is to make arrangements according to these guidelines, and initiate the process with the Department Head/Program Director of the instructional department. Independent Study contract forms are available in the respective academic dean’s office.

  1. For the student:
    1. The student originates the proposal.
    2. The student is responsible for describing proposal.
    3. The student states the objectives in measurable terms.
    4. The student describes the way in which he/she intends to accomplish his/her objectives.
    5. The student produces something measurable according to the stated objectives. The production might be a paper, a work of art, a musical composition, a movie, a TV tape, a recording or the like.
    6. Tuition must be paid or no grade or credit is given. Pay tuition before starting the study.
  2. For the faculty directing the project:
    1. The faculty member may assist the student in the clarification and construction of the description, objectives, and the way of completing the project.
    2. The faculty member will supervise the project to see that the 800-minute instructional time per credit hour requirement is fulfilled. One credit hour represents 16 or 17 hours class time.
    3. The faculty member will grade the final project according to the prevailing grade norms.
  3. General Guidelines:
    1. Any faculty member may refuse to supervise independent studies.
    2. The written proposal for all independent studies should be clear and to the point.
    3. All subjects or proposals should relate to the subject matter area under which the study is taken.

Project Seminars

Project Seminars allow two or more students to study and use in a project material related to the curriculum in those departments listed in this catalog.

The Project Seminar is different from Independent Study in that students in the Project Seminars do not work independently outside of a classroom or laboratory, but under the supervision of an instructor.

Project Seminars in any department are not necessarily the same from year to year since they are intended to meet changing conditions and demands. Project Seminars may be repeated. No more than 10 Project Seminar credits will apply toward graduation requirements.

Limits and Repeatability of Independent Studies and Project Seminars

Students may not submit more than 12 credits of Project Seminar and Independent Study courses in any combination toward fulfillment of the requirements for any associate degree. These courses are normally numbered 291, 292, 293, 294, 298, 299.

Further, no more than two credits of the above-mentioned 12 may be in Independent Study courses numbered 298, 299. Any Project Seminar and Independent Study course may be repeated for credit up to the above limits.