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2011-2013 Catalog-EXPIRED 

Marketing, A.B.

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Suggested GRCC Program:

Associate in Business

Both classroom experience and on-the-job learning are part of this program, which prepares students for positions in retailing, advertising, sales, and related fields. The job outlook for marketing and sales occupations continues to be good.

To receive an Associate in Business degree in the Marketing program, a student must meet the course and credit requirements. Transfer credits may be used to meet graduation requirements; however, a degree candidate must complete at least six BA (business course) credits from Grand Rapids Community College with a “C” or better.

Advanced-standing credit for BA 133  may be granted to graduates of high school programs that are members of the Kent Metropolitan Articulation Project.

The following recommendations are presented as a guide. Courses may be taken in any order as long as all the listed requirements (including prerequisites) are met.

Note: This program is designed for career entry and/or advancement in selected fields. It is not intended to be a transfer program. Students planning to transfer should see a counselor or faculty advisor concerning transfer options.

Suggested Sequence:

First Year

Second Year

Total Credits 62/63

* Students intending to transfer should take EN 101  and EN 102  instead of BA 101  and BA 102 .

** Students who have not passed a formal keyboarding or typewriting course must enroll in BA 133 , Keyboarding. Students who have passed one year of high school keyboarding or typewriting with at least a grade of “C” may waive BA 133 . Since waiver is without credit, students must take an equivalent number of elective credits to satisfy graduation requirements. It is strongly recommended, however, that students who have had no formal training in word processing enroll in BA 133 .

## Students who have a limited background in math or accounting and who may experience difficulties succeeding in BA 256  should first complete BA 156 .

Transfer Opportunities:

The Transfer Guide for many bachelor’s degree majors offered at Michigan colleges and universities is available at the Counseling and Career Center and online at www.grcc.edu.

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