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2011-2013 Catalog 
2011-2013 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Art and Design, A.A.

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(Code 201)

Suggested GRCC Program:

Associate in Arts (MACRAO Agreement) with Major in Art

Every artist and designer must be, to some extent, a viewer, creator, communicator, theorist, and historian. For this reason, certain subject matter areas and learning processes are common to all art/design/photography majors. Undergraduate studies in art/design should prepare students to function in a variety of artistic roles.

Art Studio Major

Minimum 15 credits to maximum 24 credits in visual arts required.

Additional Requirements

9 credit minimum to 18 credit maximum from:

  1. Studio/general fine arts course listing: 2-D, 3-D, photography areas
  2. Studio/art history course listing
  3. Studio/graphic design course listing (3 credits from CO acceptable)

Art History

Minimum of 3 credits (6 credits are recommended); concurrently completes 3 credits Humanities/MACRAO requirement. Choose from:

General Education Studies (MACRAO)

Minimum 28 credits required.

  • 1 credit Wellness (WE)
  • 6 credits English Composition (EN 100  or EN 101  and EN 102 )
  • 8 credits Humanities (Group I Distribution):
  • 8 credits Social Science (Group II Distribution):
  • 8 credits Science-Mathematics (Group III Distribution); one course must be a lab

Open Electives

Minimum of 7 to maximum of 16 credits outside the visual arts unit.

Total Credits 62

Transfer Opportunities:

The Transfer Guide for many bachelor’s degree majors offered at Michigan colleges and universities is available at the Counseling and Career Center and online at www.grcc.edu.

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