Apr 22, 2019  
2018-2019 Catalog 
2018-2019 Catalog
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BI 127 - Microbiology

Credit Hours: 4
Contact Hours: 7
Prerequisites/Other Requirements: None

English Prerequisites: None

Math Prerequisites: None

Corequisites: None
Description: This introductory course in microbiology prepares students with the necessary background to enter medically-related professions such as nursing, dental hygiene, and physician assistant. Major topics of study include the structure and biology of microbial pathogens, techniques for culturing, identifying, and controlling pathogenic microorganisms, host-parasite relationships and epidemiology of infectious disease, and host defense mechanisms.  Recommended skills:  College-level math, writing, and reading skills

Course Fee: $40.00

Department Consent: No Consent
General Education Distribution Category Met: None

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