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2016-2017 Catalog 
2016-2017 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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CHM 250 - Biological Chemistry

Credits: 4
Contact Hours: 4
Prerequisites: [CHM 240 (C- or Higher) or CHM 260 (C- or Higher)] and CHM 261 (C- or Higher) and CHM 270 (C- or Higher)

Corequisites: None

College Level Prerequisites: None
Description: CHM 250 is designed for students who require a one semester course in biological chemistry such as students in transfer allied health programs and those in the Chemical Technology program. Students will be introduced to the structure and function of biochemicals found in and utilized by humans. Topics include buffers, carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, nucleic acids, bioenergetics, enzymes, metabolism and protein synthesis.

Department Consent: No Consent
General Education Distribution Category Met: None

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