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Job Training


Programs offered through Grand Rapids Community College Job Training help students focus on their educational and vocational needs for gaining job skills that will enhance their employment opportunities.

In hands-on training programs, students learn to accomplish specific learning objectives that have been developed with the help of advisory committees from local businesses. Classes are 18 weeks long, and enrollment begins each month. Upon completion of your program, you will receive job placement assistance. In fact, most participants are employed at the completion of their training.

Contact: Leslie E. Tassell M-TEC Career Advancement Center
(616) 234-3800
E-mail: training@grcc.edu 

Informational Tour

You are welcome to visit any of the Job Training programs and meet the instructors. You will be able to see students working in each of the labs, ask questions of Job Training staff, and decide which training best fits your needs.

An Open House is offered every Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. and Thursday at 1:00 p.m. at the Leslie E. Tassell M-TEC and Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. at the Applied Technology Center in Grand Rapids.

Enrollment Information


Job Training programs are 18 weeks long, and classes begin every month of the year.

Selection of students is based on the date of application, academic readiness, interviewer’s recommendation, and successful completion of the assessment process. If enrollment in a program is limited and the applicant has met all of the above criteria, final selection will be based upon the date of application.

For current Job Training In-District and Out-of-District tuition rates, please go to www.grcc.edu/jobtraining or call (616) 234-3800.


Refund policy for all programs offered by GRCC Job Training:

  Withdraw on or before start date of class 100% Refund
  Withdraw before 5% of calendar days 75% Refund
  Withdraw before 10% of calendar days 50% Refund

Please be advised that dropping a program may permanently affect eligibility for financial aid.

Financial Aid

The Job Training staff will assist you in accessing financial resources to pay the educational costs of enrollment in a program. The staff realize that you and/or your parents or spouse have the primary responsibility of providing financial resources for education. Therefore, creating the right financial aid package for you is very important.

If you are in need of financial resources, you should apply for financial aid by completing an application for Federal Student Aid during the month before your selected program begins. GRCC staff can process a financial need analysis to determine your eligibility for student financial aid. By combining funding options such as self-payment, federal, state, college, and community-based resources, we can design a financial aid package to help meet the majority of your financial needs.

For information and applications, contact GRCC Job Training, 622 Godfrey Avenue SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503; www.grcc.edu/jobtraining or (616) 234-3800.

Academic Policies

Standards of Progress

The instructor will evaluate students monthly. The evaluation includes attendance, work behaviors and completion of performance objectives.

Grading Scale

Job Training uses the following grading scale based on attendance and accomplishment of specific performance objectives:

  Monthly Objectives Completed Grade
  70-100% / Satisfactory Certificate of Completion
  Below 70% Unsatisfactory

Evaluation Policy

You will be evaluated on completion of required performance objectives. A listing of objectives is available from your instructor or from Job Training support staff. You must successfully complete a minimum of 70 percent of the monthly objectives to maintain your enrollment status. Participants who fall below the 70 percent minimum will receive notice of unsatisfactory performance and be given a probationary period to bring their evaluation up to a satisfactory level. Evaluation will take place monthly. One copy will be given to you, and another will be placed on file.


If you are unable to complete the minimum course objectives after the probationary period, your progress will be re-evaluated and you may possibly be terminated from the program.


The faculty and administration of Grand Rapids Community College believe that regular attendance and participation in classes are essential for the education of every student. We also recognize that circumstances sometimes prevent students from attending classes regularly. However, the College administration sees excessive absenteeism (excused and unexcused) as a very serious matter.

Job Training students will be expected to adhere to the following rules during their 18 weeks of training:

  • All absences, tardiness and/or leaving early will be documented by faculty.
  • After 2 absences, tardiness and/or leaving early, the faculty member will give students a verbal and/or written reminder of the importance of daily attendance.
  • After 5 absences, tardiness and/or leaving early, the student will receive a written notice of unsatisfactory attendance and the faculty member will meet with the student to review the steps necessary to correct any deficiencies.
  • If a student exceeds 8 absences, tardiness and/or leaving early, the student may be dismissed from the program. Appropriate student funding sources will be notified when this action is taken.

Students must understand, nevertheless, that they may not be able to make up course work missed under such circumstances. Attendance enhances learning by actively participating in the class. Absences slow down the effectiveness of teaching and decrease the value of these accelerated Job Training programs.

A Perfect Attendance Certificate is awarded to those students who qualify.

Classroom/Lab Requirements

GRCC Job Training participants must adhere to all classroom/lab rules of conduct and safety requirements. It is recommended that students dress in a manner that would be acceptable to prospective employers.

In areas such as shops and laboratories where there may be potential for accidental injury, students will be required to wear safety glasses and/or other protective clothing. The instructor will clarify these requirements.

Student Services

Job Placement

Programs are specifically designed to meet the requirements of area business and industry. Advisory committees consisting of business leaders evaluate and revise curriculum content according to their needs.

Our staff works with you in establishing employment goals, good work habits, and effective job-seeking skills. The importance of attendance, attitude, peer relationships, and the ability to follow directions is emphasized.

We offer multiple job possibilities by exposing you to a cluster of occupations rather than to specific jobs or tasks, providing greater employment options in an ever-changing market. The transferability of the skills developed is also increased by placing emphasis on the learning process as well as on the skill itself.

Veterans Regulations

Job Training courses are VA certified. Veterans planning to use their benefits while attending GRCC Job Training should be aware of federally and institutionally enforced regulations. To retain certification by GRCC, a Veteran must maintain satisfactory progress as identified for financial aid in the program attempted. For more information, contact the Job Training Coordinator at (616) 234-3800 or the VA office at 1-800-827-1996.