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Web Technical Support, A.A.A.S.

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(Code 161)

GRCC Program:

GRCC offers two specialized programs within the internet development industry:  Web Design/Development (Code 160) and Web Technical Support (Code 161). 

The Design/Development focus prepares students for positions where they will:

  • Use creative components to develop pages and sites
  • Administer and maintain the content of text and graphics within sites
  • Apply creative design principles to develop efficient, marketable Web sites

The Technical Support focus prepares students for jobs on the server side of the Web such as:

  • Structure and system administration
  • Programming
  • Database connectivity
  • Security and privacy design

Students with this degree may also transfer into four-year programs in the same field or related fields; for example computer information systems, computer science, business, or applications development.

At the completion of this program, students will qualify for memberships or certifications by organizations such as the Association of Internet Professionals, World Organization of Webmasters, or the Certified Webmaster Professional Program.

Please note that the following courses have prerequisites, in the form of courses, which are not part of this degree:  CO 120, CO 132, CO 170, CO 117 and CO 230.

Suggested Course Sequence:

Students must have prior knowledge of Windows, Windows-based applications, and Internet browser.  If needed, students can gain this experience with the following courses:  CO 101 and CO 105.

First Year

Second Year

Total Credits: 16

Fourth Semester

Total Credits: 16

Total Credits: 64

Transfer Opportunities:

The Transfer Guide for many bachelor’s degree majors offered at Michigan colleges and universities is available at the Counseling and Career Center and online at www.grcc.edu.


Program Plan Code changed from 160 to 161 (corrected 10/1/2014)

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