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2014-2015 Catalog-EXPIRED 

2014-2015 Catalog-EXPIRED


Please use the links on the left to navigate to the different sections of the online catalog. The 2016-2017 and 2015-2016 is available in the drop down opton above.  For catalogs from 2014-2015 and earlier, visit the Catalogs (2011-2015)  tab.

Bert R. Bleke Chairperson, 2018
Richard W. Verburg Vice Chairperson, 2016
Olivia Margo Anderson Secretary, 2014
Ellen M. James Treasurer, 2016
Deb Bailey Trustee, 2014
Richard P. Ryskamp Trustee, 2016
Richard N. Stewart Trustee, 2018
Steven C. Ender, Ed.D. President of the College


As a college of distinction, GRCC inspires students to meet the needs of the community and the world.


GRCC is an open access college that prepares individuals to attain their goals and contribute to the community.

Raider Values


We commit to the highest standards in our learning and working environment as we strive for distinction in all aspects of our work.


We create an inclusive learning and working environment that recognizes the value and dignity of each person.


We anticipate and address the needs of students, colleagues, and community.


We seek creative solutions to problems through experimentation and adaptation.


We set benchmarks and outcomes to frame our decision-making, measure our performance, and evaluate our results.


We use resources in responsible ways to achieve balance among our social, economic, and environmental practices and policies.


We treat others with courtesy, consideration and civility.


We commit to GRCC values and take personal responsibility for our words and actions.


In all instances, the work to achieve these Ends will reflect our core values.


GRCC minimizes the barriers of time, place, cost, and educational preparation levels so that all members of the community have an opportunity to participate in college programs.

Academic Alignment

GRCC collaborates closely with other educational providers to provide a seamless transition across all educational sectors.

Student Success

GRCC students achieve their educational goals.

Workforce Development

GRCC students are prepared to secure employment in all sectors of the economy.

The GRCC Experience

GRCC provides students with co-curricular experiences that help them develop their citizenship skills.

Community Outreach

GRCC enriches the community through educational and civic programming and partnerships.

Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination

It is the policy and practice of Grand Rapids Community College to provide equal educational and employment opportunities regardless of age, race, color, religion, marital status, sex (including pregnancy), sexual orientation, height, weight, national origin, disability, veteran status or genetics in all programs, activities, services, employment and advancement including admissions to, access to, treatment in, or compensation in employment as required by state and federal law. Further information may be obtained from the Office of General Counsel, 143 Bostwick, NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503-3295. Telephone: (616) 234-4953.



Should you have a need for alternative format (i.e. Braille, CD, enlarged font); contact Disability Support Services (DSS) at 616-234-4140 to discuss options or arrange an intake with a counselor.

GRCC is a tobacco free campus.

143 Bostwick Avenue NE • Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503-3295
(616) 234-4000 / FAX (616) 234-4005