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2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog

Articulation Agreement-Pre-Manuf Eng-GRCC & WMU

Pre-Manufacturing Engineering Technology, A.A. (Western Michigan University)

Academic Program Code: 629

This program is designed to offer a clear pathway for students wanting to transfer into the bachelor’s degree program in Manufacturing Engineering Technology at Western Michigan University. Upon graduating from the program at WMU, among the jobs students can consider are: Manufacturing or Industrial Engineering assistant, Manufacturing Specialist, Engineering Technician, Technical Sales, Production or Material Planner and many other technical support positions. By declaring this Articulated Pre-Major, students are on track to graduate with an Associate of Arts degree from GRCC and transfer to WMU to earn a Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering Technology.

General Transfer Notes & Michigan Transfer Agreement

The coursework needed to complete this program is listed below.  The courses transfer and satisfy requirements at Western Michigan Unviersity. 

Students should contact Western Michigan Unviersity to obtain additional detailed information about transfer requirements. Western Michigan Unviersity ultimately makes the decisions about how each course will be used to meet the bachelor’s degree requirements. Students should also review the specific admission requirements for Western Michigan Unviersity and this Pre-Manufacturing Engineering Technology program.

GRCC advisors and faculty are available to help students navigate transfer resources and create an individualized transfer plan, including selection of elective courses, which meets all GRCC and Western Michigan Unviersity requirements.

Graduates of this program will earn an Associate of Arts degree from GRCC and may be eligible to earn the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) credential.

Program Note

This degree is designed with the intent that students can take classes and be advised at the Western Michigan University Grand Rapids - Downtown location via the AMP lab.

General Education Courses

Select a minimum of 30 credit hours of coursework from the General Education course list. Select coursework as directed below.  Use transfer resources available and advising to select coursework based on Western Michigan Unviersty requirements

English Composition and Communications


Select one (1) Humanities General Education Elective from a subject other than PL.

Social Sciences

Select two (2) Social Sciences General Education Electives from two (2) different subject areas.

Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Natural Sciences


General Education Total Credits Hours

30 (minimum)

Program Elective Courses

Select a minimum of nine (9) credit hours from the list below of Western Michigan University’s “Approved Major Electives.”

Total Credit Hours

69 (minimum)

In What Order Should I Take Classes?

Please select courses from the Priority I list.  Select courses based on the number of credits you are taking in the semester, for example, if you are a part time student you do not have to take all of the courses listed.  If you are unable to schedule Priority I courses, move to and select from the list of Priority II, Priority III, and Priority IV courses.

Priority I Priority II

EN 101 - English Composition I  

MA 131 - Precalculus  

General Education Course

PH 125 - College Physics I 

EG 110 - Industrial Graphics with CAD   


EN 102 - English Composition II  


COM 131 - Fundamentals of Public Speaking  


COM 135 - Interpersonal Communication  

General Education Course

PH 126 - College Physics II  

EL 144 - Basic Electricity and Electronics  

MN 100 - Manufacturing Principles  


DR 180 - Introduction to Mechanical Concepts   

Priority III Priority IV

General Education Course

General Edcuation Course

CHM 130 - General Chemistry I  

CHM 131 - General Chemistry I Laboratory  

MA 133 - Calculus with Analytic Geometry I  

Program Elective Course

MN 235 - Basic Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) Programming  

TE 114 - Material Science  

MN 119 - Introductory Machine Operations  


MN 199 - Theory of Machine Operations  

Program Elective Course

Program Elective Course

NOTE: This priority schedule assumes the student is prepared to take the courses listed. If prerequisites are required, additional semesters may be required to complete this degree.

Meet with an Academic Program Advisor and consult my Academic Progress for specific degree requirements.