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2015-2016 Catalog 
2015-2016 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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HVA 275 - Commercial Refrigeration

Credits: 3
Contact Hours: 4
Prerequisites: HVA 110 (D- or Higher) and HVA 111 (D- or Higher)

Corequisites: None

College Level Prerequisites: None
Description: A study of operating systems and components used in commercial refrigeration systems with an emphasis on supermarket applications. This includes compressor control analysis, refrigerant usage, add-on mechanical subcooling systems; defrost systems, head pressure control and ice machine installation and operation. Students are expected to complete a major lab project or to perform a series of shorter service operations.  HVA 275 replaces ER 275.

Department Consent: No Consent
General Education Distribution Category Met: None

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