Jul 22, 2024  
2015-2016 Catalog-EXPIRED 

Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA)

The Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) is designed to facilitate the transfer of general education requirements from community colleges to four year colleges and universities. Students can view a list of participating institutions online at www.macrao.org/mcm.asp

The MTA requirements  should fulfill all or the majority of the student’s lower level general education requirements dependent on the requirements of their major. A transfer student must be admissible to a receiving institution in order to benefit from the MTA. Students may meet the requirements of the MTA as a stand-alone package.

To fulfill the MTA, students must complete a total of 30 credits in English Composition, Humanities, Social Science, and Natural Science & Mathematics in the approved courses below. Students must receive a grade of C in each course in order to be awarded the MTA.


English Composition

Select two courses in English Composition.


Select two Humanities courses from two different disciplines (subjects) from the list below.

Social Science

Select PS 110 and one additional Social Science course from the list below, other than PS discipline.

Political Science

All students must take PS 110 to graduate.


Mathematics & Natural Science

Select one math course from the list below.  Select two science courses from two different disciplines (subjects) from the list below.   One of the science courses must be a lab science.

Science (with Lab)