Nov 25, 2020  
2015-2016 Catalog 
2015-2016 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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MUS 114 - Introduction to Music Theory 2

Credits: 3
Contact Hours: 3
Prerequisites: [MUS 113 or Instructor Consent] and EN 101

Corequisites: MUS 116

College Level Prerequisites: None
Description: MUS 114 is an integrated theory course designed primarily for freshman music majors and minors. The course deals with the development of part-writing skills through further studies in species counterpart and four-voice chorale texture. Students will learn to harmonize melodies and develop good chord progressions with triads and seventh chords. MUS 114 should be taken concurrently with MUS 116, Aural Comprehension 2. This course was formerly offered as MU 102.

Department Consent: No Consent
General Education Distribution Category Met: None

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