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GRCC Curriculum Database (2023-2024 Academic Year) 
GRCC Curriculum Database (2023-2024 Academic Year)

GRCC Curriculum Database (2023-2024 Academic Year)


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GRCC Curriculum Database

2023-2024 Academic Year

This database includes the course curriculum for the 2023-2024 academic year, effective August 1, 2023.  

The courses listed under the headings below reflect changes in the 2023-24 database from the previous year’s curriculum database.


New Courses 

Discontinued Courses

  • CIS 003 - Fundamentals of Computer Operations
  • CJ 259 - Report Writing for Criminal Justice
  • COM 240 - Family Communication
  • EL 160 - Electronic Fabrication
  • EL 203 - Applied Measurements
  • EL 272 - Servicing Electronic Systems for Biomedical Equipment
  • HU 273 - Film Viewing and Construction - An Introduction to Film
  • MA 105 - Basic Geometry
  • MA 138 - Introduction to Computer Algebra Systems
  • MUS 171 - Music and Computers Exploration

General Education Course Updates

Addition to Humanities
Removal from Humanities
Addition to Natural Sciences 

Course Revisons

The courses listed in the chart below were reviewed in AY 2022-23 with the major changes indicated in the chart.




Contact Hours



Other Requirements

English Prereq

Math Prereq

Course Coreq

CIS 120       X        
CIS 149         X      
CIS 250       X        
CIS 274       X        
CIS 285     X          
CRB 101       X        
CRB 105     X          
CRB 110       X       X
CRB 180         X      
CRB 201     X X X      
CRB 205         X      
EDU 218         X      
EDU 229         X     X
EDU 230         X      
EL 106         X      
EL 161         X      
EXS 156   X   X        
EXS 257       X        
GE 235       X        
GE 281       X        
GL 111       X        
MA 107               X
MA 115               X
MA 124         X     X
MN 215     X          
MUS 161         X      
MUS 162         X      
MUS 243         X      
MUS 244         X      
MUS 261         X      
MUS 262         X      
PS 110       X        
SL 155     X          
TH 239         X      
TH 247         X      
TH 270         X      


Courses Reviewed 

The courses listed below were reviewed in AY2022-23.  The review resulted in no major changes to the curriculum.

A|B|C|D|E|G|H|I|M|M, Cont|O|P|S|T










M, Continued







Faculty are required to have the template components and content as part of their course syllabus. In addition, faculty need to ensure their syllabi are accessible (suitable for screen readers, for example). Faculty may include additional information in their course syllabus, but the components in the syllabus template constitute the minimum expectations. The template will only be modified if approved by AGC.

ACCESSING CURRICULUM DOCUMENTS: Please use the course description and outcomes found in this database to complete the Syllabus Template.   

Syllabus Template

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