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2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog

Articulation Agreement-Manuf Eng Tech (Ferris)

Pre-Manufacturing Engineering Technology, A.A. (Ferris State University)

Academic Plan Code: 609

This program is designed to offer a clear pathway for students wanting to transfer into the bachelor’s degree program in Manufacturing Engineering Technology at Ferris State University. Upon graduating from the program at Ferris, among the jobs students can consider are: manufacturing engineer, process engineer, production engineer, tool engineer, industrial engineer, and quality engineer. By declaring this Articulated Pre-Major, students are on track to graduate with an Associate of Arts degree from GRCC and transfer to Ferris to earn a Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering Technology.

Students should contact Ferris about their flexible options (full-time/half-time, campus location, etc.) for completing the Ferris bachelor’s degree program. 

General Transfer Notes and Michigan Transfer Agreement

The coursework needed to complete this program is listed below.  The courses transfer and satisfy requirements at Ferris State University

Students should contact Ferris State University to obtain additional detailed information about transfer requirements. Ferris State University ultimately makes the decisions about how each course will be used to meet the bachelor’s degree requirements. Students should also review the specific admission requirements for Ferris State University and this Ferris State University program.

GRCC advisors and faculty are available to help students navigate transfer resources and create an individualized transfer plan, including selection of elective courses, which meets all GRCC and Ferris State University requirements.

Graduates of this program will earn an Associate of Arts degree from GRCC and may be eligible to earn the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) credential.

General Education Courses

Select a minimum of 30 credit hours of coursework from the General Education course list. Select coursework as directed below. Use transfer resources available and advising to select coursework based on Ferris State University requirements.

English Composition and Communications


Select two (2) Humanities General Education Electives from two (2) different subject areas. Only one (1) Foreign Language course can be used for the Humanities requirement.

Social Sciences

Select two (2) Social Sciences General Education Electives from two (2) different subject areas.

Natural Sciences & Mathematics

Natural Sciences

Select one (1) Natural Sciences General Education Elective from a subject other than PH.


General Education Total Credit Hours

30 (min.)

Program Tracks

Select one (1) Track.

Process Development


Select a minimum of two (2) courses from the list below. If selecting an Open Elective, you should select a course in alignment with Ferris State University’s “Culture” or “Self and Society” General Education courses. If selecting two (2) Open Electives, select one (1) course in alignment with Ferris’s “Culture” and one (1) course in alignment with Ferris’s “Self and Society.”

Program Elective Courses

Select a minimum of twelve (12) technical credits from the following subject areas: DR, MN, EL, or EG. Of these twelve (12) credits, up to six (6) credits may be from the following subject areas: CIS, HVA, TR. Other subject areas may be used with the approval of Ferris.

Open Elective Courses

The remaining number of courses needed to complete the program will depend on the number of credit hours remaining needed to reach the 60 credits required for graduation. Course selections should be made based on degree, major, minor, or academic interest at Ferris.

Total Credit Hours