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2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog

Pre-Nutrition and Dietetics, A.A. (Western Michigan University)

Academic Program Code:  639

The Pre-Dietetics Program at GRCC lays the foundation to transfer to Western Michigan University to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Dietetics. This is accomplished by taking the first two years of the program at GRCC and then transferring seamlessly to Western Michigan to complete the final two years of the program. 
The Dietetics program at Western Michigan University integrates and applies the principles of the food and nutrition sciences, human behavior, and the biomedical sciences to design and manage effective nutrition programs in a variety of settings. The program includes instruction in human nutrition; nutrient metabolism; the role of foods and nutrition in health promotion and disease prevention; planning and directing food service activities; diet and nutrition analysis and planning; supervision of food storage and preparation; client education; and professional standards and regulations. This GRCC Pre-Major program lays the foundation for students interested in studying these concepts at Western Michigan University. The Bachelor of Science in Dietetics prepares students for careers in hospitals, such as a clinical dietitian, food and nutrition services, commercial food establishments such as restaurants, hotels and industrial facilities; schools, colleges, universities and the armed forces; community health agencies, and private dietetic practice. For more information on career opportunities in dietetics, visit www.eatright.org.

General Transfer Notes & Michigan Transfer Agreement

The coursework needed to complete this program is listed below.  The courses transfer and satisfy requirements at Western Michigan University (WMU)

Students should contact WMU to obtain additional detailed information about transfer requirements. WMU ultimately makes the decisions about how each course will be used to meet the bachelor’s degree requirements. Students should also review the specific admission requirements for Western Michigan University and this WMU program.

GRCC advisors and faculty are available to help students navigate transfer resources and create an individualized transfer plan, including selection of elective courses, which meets all GRCC and Western Michigan University requirements.

Graduates of this program will earn an Associate of Arts degree from GRCC and may be eligible to earn the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) credential.

General Education Courses

Select a minimum of 30 credit hours of course work from the General Education course list. Course work must be selected as directed in the areas below. Use transfer resources available and advising to select coursework based on Western Michigan University requirements.

English Composition and Communications


Select two (2) Humanities General Education Electives from two (2) different subject areas. Only one (1) Foreign Language course can be used for the Humanities General Education requirement.

Social Sciences

Natural Sciences and Mathematics

General Education Total Credit Hours

30 (minimum)

Open Elective Courses

The remaining number of courses needed to complete the program will depend on the number of credit hours still needed to reach the 60 credits required for graduation. Course selections should be made based on degree, major, minor, or academic interest at WMU.

The following GRCC Courses are recommended open electives:

Students are encouraged to use transfer resources available and consult their faculty advisors when choosing Open Elective courses.

Total Credit Hours


In What Order Should I Take Classes?

Please select courses from the Priority I list.  Select courses based on the number of credits you are taking in the semester, for example, if you are a part time student you do not have to take all of the courses listed.  If you are unable to schedule Priority I courses, move to and select from the list of Priority II, Priority III, and Priority IV courses.

Priority I Priority II

EN 101 - English Composition I  

MA 215 - Statistics 

GH 200 - General Nutrition  

BI 121 - Human Anatomy and Physiology I  

CHM 130 - General Chemistry I  

CHM 131 - General Chemistry I Laboratory    

COM 135 - Interpersonal Communication  

General Education Course 

BI 122 - Human Anatomy and Physiology II  

PL 206 - Biomedical Ethics  

SO 251 - Principles of Sociology   

Priority III Priority IV

PY 201 - General Psychology 

BI 127 - Microbiology 

CHM 140 - General Chemistry II 

CHM 141 - General Chemistry II Laboratory      

Open Elective Course


CHM 240 - Survey of Organic Chemistry 

CA 209 - Principles of Food Science 

BA 145 - Computer Applications in Business I  


CIS 100 - Introduction to Computer Information Systems  

Open Elective Course

NOTE: This priority schedule assumes the student is prepared to take the courses listed. If prerequisites are required, additional semesters may be required to complete this degree.

Meet with an Academic Program Advisor and consult my Academic Progress for specific degree requirements.