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2020-2021 Catalog 
2020-2021 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Digital Audio Specialist Certificate

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Academic Program Code:  215

The Digital Audio Certificate prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills to the production of sound recordings as finished products or as components of film/video, broadcast, live, or mixed media productions.

Prior to beginning the program coursework, students are required to complete placement testing.  Successful completion of  MUS 112  and  MUS 120  or a score of 85% on both the Music Theory Pretest and Piano Placement Pretest is required for acceptance into many of the courses in this program.

Students should contact the music department for more information.

Total Credit Hours


In What Order Should I Take Classes?

Please select courses from the Priority I list.  Select courses based on the number of credits you are taking in the semester, for example, if you are a part time student you do not have to take all of the courses listed.  If you are unable to schedule Priority I courses, move to and select from the list of Priority II, Priority III, and Priority IV courses.

Priority I Priority II


MUS 121 - Piano Techniques I   

MUS 173 - Basic Studio Techniques I  

PC 141 - Science of Sound  

MUS 174 - Basic Studio Techniques II 

MUS 175 - Introduction To Music Business    

Priority III Priority IV


MUS 271 - Basic MIDI Sequencing  

MUS 273 - Advanced Studio Techniques Laboratory I  

MUS 274 - Advanced Studio Techniques I  

MUS 272 - Advanced MIDI Sequencing  

MUS 275 - Advanced Studio Techniques Laboratory II  

MUS 276 - Advanced Studio Techniques II  

NOTE: This priority schedule assumes the student is prepared to take the courses listed. If prerequisites are required, additional semesters may be required to complete this degree.

Meet with an Academic Program Advisor and consult My Degree Path for specific degree requirements.

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