Aug 18, 2018  
2017-2018 Catalog 
2017-2018 Catalog

Corrections, A.A.A.S.

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Academic Program Code:  152

This program prepares students to work in the field of corrections. The Sheriff's Academy Track serves to prepare students to work as corrections officers within local jails. The General Corrections Track serves to prepare students to work as correctional officers at the state level in prisons and in areas such as community corrections, probation or parole. The Correctional Officer Training Act requires that specific college courses and academy training is necessary to certify individuals as correctional officers at the state level. Both tracks are aligned with this requirement and serve to enhance the skills of people currently employed in correctional settings.


General Education Courses

Select a minimum of 15 credit hours of course work from the General Education Course list.  Course work must be selected as directed from the areas below.

English Composition and Communications

All students must select EN 101.  


Select one (1) Humanities General Education Elective.

Social Sciences

Select one (1) Social Sciences General Education Elective.

Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Select one (1) Natural Sciences Lab/Non Lab General Education Elective or one (1) Mathematics General Education Elective.

General Education Total Credit Hours

15 (minimum)

Program Tracks

Select either the Sheriff’s Academy Track OR the General Corrections Track to complete the program.

Sheriff's Corrections Academy Track Total Credit Hours


General Corrections Track

General Corrections Track Total Credit Hours


Total Credit Hours


Program Notes

CJ 105, CJ 115, CJ 216, CJ 221, CJ 237 meet the minimum academic program requirements mandated by the Michigan Correctional Officers Training Council (MCOTC) under Public Act 415. Students must complete these courses with a minimum 2.0 grade in each class to receive the Michigan Correctional Officers Vocational Certificate. CJ 111 cannot be substituted for CJ 115.

Employment within the Criminal Justice field may be delayed or denied depending on a history of convictions involving felonies, misdemeanors, and/or involving controlled substances.

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