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GRCC Curriculum Database (2021-2022 Academic Year) 
GRCC Curriculum Database (2021-2022 Academic Year)
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MA 93 - Mathematical Literacy Co-Requisite

MA 93 Mathematical Literacy Co-Requisite allows students the extra time and support to develop competency with math content necessary to succeed in MA 99 Mathematical Literacy. This course is designed for students with ALEKS PPL scores of 0 - 13.  All students who are enrolled in MA 99 with an ALEKS PPL score between 0 and 13 must also enroll in this course.
Credit Hours: 2
Contact Hours: 2
School: School of Arts and Sciences
Department: Mathematics
Discipline: MA
Last Revision Date Effective:
Course Review & Revision Year: 2025-2026
Course Type:
Developmental- Offering designed as a non-transferable prerequisite to college-level GRCC courses that does not count for credit toward a certificate or associate degree.
Course Format:
Lecture - 1:1

General Education Requirement: None
General Education Outcomes:
ILO Competencies (Communication Skills):
ILO Competencies (Critical Thinking Skills):
ILO Competencies (Social Responsibility Skills):
ILO Competencies (Personal Responsibility Skills):
Complete work accurately, with attention to detail. (PR3), Develop specific goals and plans to prioritize, organize, and accomplish work. (PR4)

Course Learning Outcomes/ILO Competencies:
  1. Demonstrate proficiency in mathematical topics and concepts needed for success in MA 99 Mathematical Literacy.
  2. Demonstrate competence with calculator to perform mathematical computations.
  3. Assess the accuracy of mathematical work performed on calculator or software.
  4. Use self-assessment to build a plan to fill in skill and knowledge gaps in mathematics.
  5. Understand the importance of mindset, beliefs, attitudes, other factors that impact student’s success in math classes.
  6. Complete work accurately, with attention to detail. (PR3)
  7. Develop specific goals and plans to prioritize, organize and accomplish work. (PR4)


Course Outline:
  1. Pre-assess content skills necessary for the modules (ex: do pre-requisite skills page in text)
  2. Self-evaluate mastery of necessary skills (ex: study results of pre-requisite skill page from text)
  3. Develop goal and plan to build the necessary skills (ex: determine plan to study and build skills, specific to the week. Self-assess progress on meeting goal and using plan)
  4. Identify and utilize appropriate support (ex: visit tutorial lab on specific day/time)
  5. Demonstrate proficiency on concepts.


Mandatory CLO Competency Assessment Measures:
Assess the CLOs using portfolios.
Name of Industry Recognize Credentials: None
Instructional Strategies:
Facilitated discussion: 10  - 40%

Small group work: 20 - 40%

One-on-one consultation: 20 - 40%

Independent work: 30 - 50%
Mandatory Course Components:
Address all course learning outcomes, assisting students’ growth in self assessment.

Instructor will work with College Success Center to incorporate Success Coaches.

Students will all have same calculator - classroom sets provided?

Academic Program Prerequisite: None
Prerequisites/Other Requirements: ALEKS PPL score between 0 and 13
English Prerequisite(s): None
Math Prerequisite(s): None
Course Corerequisite(s): MA 99 
Course-Specific Placement Test: None
Consent to Enroll in Course: No Department Consent Required
Total Lecture Hours Per Week: 2
Are there scheduling co-reqs/pre-reqs for the modules?: Yes
Is this course offered in Modules?:
Faculty Credential Requirements:
18 graduate credit hours in discipline being taught (HLC Requirement), Master’s Degree (GRCC general requirement), Other (list below)
Faculty Credential Requirement Details: Math dept requirements for teaching MA 99 must be me. Faculty must successfully complete training to be considered for this teaching assignmen. Faculty must understand the unique needs of the population - equity and inclusion as it relates to teaching math. Experience teaching and/or tutoring Mathematical Literacy content is required. Experience teaching learning how to learn is preferred.
General Room Request: Same room as paired co requisite course
Maximum Course Enrollment: 12
Equivalent Courses: None
Dual Enrollment Allowed?: No
Number of Times Course can be taken for credit: 1
First Term Valid: Fall 2021 (8/1/2021)
1st Catalog Year: 2020-2021
People Soft Course ID Number: 105073
Non-Credit GRCC Agreement exist?:
If yes, with which Departments?:
Corporate Articulation Agreement exist?:
If yes, with which Companies?:

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