Jan 23, 2021  
2020-2021 Catalog 
2020-2021 Catalog
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CA 233 - Beer, Wine, and Spirits Management

Credit Hours: 3
Contact Hours: 3

Prerequisites/Other Requirements: None

English Prerequisites: None

Math Prerequisites: None

Corequisites: None
Description: CA 233 is a course designed to introduce the methods for identification, management and control of those beverages containing alcohol used in the hospitality industry.  It is also intended to familiarize students with those wines of Europe, the Southern Hemisphere, and the United States commonly served to the dining public.  The course includes lectures on, and demonstrations of beverage service methods, spirits identification and production, legal liabilities, and controls, and tastings of actual products. Responsible alcohol service, both personal and professional, is emphasized.  Students must be 18 or older to enroll.

The National Restaurant Association ServSafe Alcohol program is utilized, and students must gain their ServSafe certification (responsible alcohol training) by successfully completing the state and national certification exam with a score of 75% or better. 

Course Fee: $110.00

Department Consent: No Consent

General Education Distribution Category Met: None

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